Summer is Here!!


Action Dynamix Massage offers high quality Sports, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic Massage.

Improve performance and increase overall flexibility in preparation for your upcoming Summer adventures!

Are you gearing up for your first race of the season, or building a strong foundation for the next big race?  



Massage is the perfect way to keep your soft tissue pliable, actively aid in quicker muscle recovery, and avoid injury due to stress put on tendons from tight muscles.  Action Dynamix Massage is just what you need to get your legs off to the right start and keep you going strong all season long!  

Do you have an Event or special occasion coming up?  For your convience we offer Event massage, as well as in home massage for teams or people of 3 or more.  Please Contact us by phone, email, or book an appointment online today!  We look forward to working with you to meet your specific needs.






Gift certificates and pre-pay options are available for purchase online.


Whether you’re shredding the dirt trails, hitting the white water, paddle boarding the day away, ascending your first route at Smith Rock, or simply enjoying the playful nature of the seasons in Central Oregon; Action Dynamix Massage can bring ease to your daily routine.  


We are Committed to bringing a body in constant motion a moment of peace.



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